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eSports Superstars Team Envy Add a Huge Name to Their Counter Strike GO Roster

One of the biggest teams in professional Counter Strike GO is adding a big name to their roster just in time for the Americas Minor.

Team Envy is adding FaZe Clan’s Finn “karrigan” Andersen as a stand-in player for the tournament. He’ll be replacing former stand-in player Matt “Pollo” Wilson.

The tournament is right around the corner, January 22nd, so the move comes as a bit of a surprise to the eSports world. It is expected that Team Envy will capitalize on their new addition during the tournament with improved final results.

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For his part, Finn “karrigan” Andersen’s underwhelming 2018 performance for FaZe Clan is partially blamed for the benching that led to his transfer to Team Envy. Prior to his transfer, Andersen spent two years with FaZe. Joining Envy, Andersen will become part of what was previously an All-American team of players.

Since Karrigan’s departure, many expect that Team Envy will be looking to fill a roster position ahead of the IEM Katowice Major.

2018 was a rocky year for FaZe Clan. Initially it was supposed to be their year and the team hoped to cap it off with a win at the Intel Grand Slam and its $1 million grand prize.

Things didn’t quite go as planned and, aside from some victories at IEM Sydney and ESL One Belo Horizonte, FaZe found itself falling out earlier than expected in many tournaments.

The roster change is one that many have long anticipated, but no one quite seemed ready to pull the trigger on it. FaZe is facing increased competition this year in the Counter Strike GO competitive circuit and that probably factored into their decision quite heavily. There’s also a good bit of money involved in winning these tournaments and there’s little doubt that also impacted the decision somewhat.

Founded in 2010, FaZe began emphasizing competitive Counter Strike GO beginning in 2016 with the acquisition of a pro Counter Strike team. As one of the most prominent eSports teams in the world, FaZe Clan’s moves often have huge repercussions when it comes to competitive play.

Though the team plays in multiple games, FaZe’s Counter Strike GO team has held a special place of prominence since their rise in the 2017 season. In many respects, the team is a household name in the Counter Strike eSports community.

Counter Strike GO is part of the download cs 1.6 series of video games, that began in 2000 with Valve and Sierra’s release of a squad-based, multiplayer title played from a first-person perspective. Developed using the GldSrc engine that powers Valve’s blockbuster title Half-Life, Counter Strike received a load of different mods and changes over its history, with download cs 1.6, or Half-Life Counter Strike as it was known then, being the last major update officially. The 2012 update of the game, Counter Strike Global Offensive largely revamped Counter Strike 1.6 gameplay and serves as the basis for the eSports scene based upon that title today.