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    Tequila, Video games and Holidays – How Rep. Duncan Hunter spent republican campaign funds

    On 10th January, 2017, representative Duncan Hunter of California theatre was addressing the media in front of a painting that was offensive to him, it was removed but was later hung in the U.S. Capitol. Hunter and his wife were accused of using $250,000 campaign funds for their individual needs.

    On Tuesday, a prime federal tribunal charged representative Duncan Hunter of California theatre and his wife Margaret Hunter on 60 counts for allegedly using $250,000 of the campaign funds to cater for their personal needs.

    As claimed by the accusations, the couple had planned” to make themselves and others rich, by using campaign funds for leisure and personal gains, alongside the gains of those with close relationships with the Hunters.”

    Hunter is a republican who was elected on 2012 to represent California’s 50th District, which comprises of San Diego County. Prior to his election, Hunter was representing California’s 52nd district, after assuming office in 2009, based on his career in the U.S. Marine Corps.

    duncan hunterFor more than seven years, his wife earned $116,000, working on and off for his campaigns. Besides, she was accessing the campaign funds, as well as its credit card.

    A repetition of extravagance by the Hunters is shown by the accusation, which is alleged to be paid using campaign money, which was to be used in electing Hunter to the congress.

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    As stated in the allegation, the Hunters used the money from December 2009 to almost the end of the year 2016. Irrespective of getting warnings and questions from the campaign treasurer, they used the money on alcoholic drinks, consumer electronics, clothing, fast food, school fees, family groceries, theatre tickets, racetrack outings, golf days, holidays, and dental work among others.

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    source: newsweek

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    Coconut Oil Has Never Been Healthy: A Study Reveals

    Who says coconut oil can be used as a part of diet plan? Well, this case is so wrong after all. We know that several years ago, there is a rumor that said about the benefits of consuming coconut oil. It said that coconut oil could help toward weight loss case among people. Some of the therapists was also giving a suggestion to consume coconut oil on a daily basis. Once again, this is wrong. All of revealed studies and polling due to this case were not truly in a proper result at all. There is no way that coconut oil is healthy. Coconut oil has never been healthy for the very first time people use it every day as the main component of frying and grilling.

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    The recent study done by The American Heart Association has stated that coconut oil is bad for our health. Moreover, it is reported that the association has declared to against the use of coconut oil in cooking. This study is based on The Dietary Fats of Cardiovascular Disease Advisory who reviewed several data testing about kinds of fat in both meals and beverages. Saturated fat in coconut oil is harmful to our body since it can lead to multiple serious diseases. Coconut oil increases the level of LDL cholesterol in seven out of seven controlled trials that have been conducted before.

    The amazing fact taken from the latest result is the level of saturated fat in coconut oil. It is truly shocking that the level of saturated fat in coconut oil is above another substance. Butter has 63% of saturated fat, beef has 50% of saturated fat, pork has 39% of saturated fat, and coconut oil has 82% of saturated fat. The result then is taken to the world, showing that people have to move into palm oil and olive oil.

    In the other hand, we must not cut off the consumption of coconut oil at all. We don’t have to throw it away since we know the fact. But, we have to reduce the daily basis of its use in meals. We can use coconut oil as frying base just in case that we don’t need to cook oily meals every day. Saturated fat is still needed to help our body to absorb nutrients from other food. So, you can still use it wisely and under control. Experts say that you can also put coconut oil in your hair as a conditioner.


    Be Ready To Be Healthy By Drinking Ginger Water

    Excessive weight is still being one of humanity’s problems in the world since it is a truly sensitive issue for people, especially for women. A lot of ginger watersolutions are being delivered from both scientists and doctors. Many therapists in health center will also help to preserve with multiple workouts, fitness, practices, and sports, based on the patient’s condition and background check. It is essential to get to know about the daily basis of meals and beverages consumption to diagnose what will the therapist do to reduce the fat in their patients as well. Deciding what work out also needs consideration of patient’s habitual.

    On the other hand, there are a lot of medications that can help reduce the fat instead of getting fatigue of doing exercises from the therapist. One thing you should know before jumping into medication, you must know that any medical things will give a side effect. Maybe it is not too serious, but it is true that the side effect can lead to the next case of a problem.

    So, it is recommended that we should take natural ingredients to lose fat before trying chemical medicine as well. The recent studies said that ginger water is one of the effective solutions for burning fat. The result is fairly impressive too since it can burn fat easily, steadily, and quickly in a short time. Ginger is most likely found in everywhere so that you don’t need to worry if someday it is out stock.

    Ginger water brings a lot of benefits to be slimmer since it is a very powerful ingredient. It can remove fat from belly, thighs, hips, and leg just in case that you need to be slimmer in around your body. Hence, ginger water is also a good thing to prevent us from a serious problem in health too. Shortly, we can get a lot of benefit by consuming this as our diet list of treatment.

    Ginger water can be very helpful to prevent hypertension as well. The contents of ginger water will reduce blood pressure and hinders blood clots in arteries to regulate our blood steadily. It also can be used to reduce cholesterol, making us be free to consume any food we want. Finally, ginger water is also beneficial for powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammation as a calming substance due to its ingredients as well. It is true that ginger water is more effective than other natural treatment in the diet.

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